Preschool life

What happens in a PreK 3 classroom?

Here’s our basic schedule

8-8:15: Arrival: As the students arrive at school they hang up their things and then find their name to sign in.

8:15-8:30: Breakfast and playtime (educational songs are playing on the Smartboard)

8:30-8:45: Circle time: We “read” our daily messages, look at what’s happening with the weather outside, and go over our schedule. We also do daily prayer, the pledge, and sing a song or two.

8:45-9: Each day we either do a whole group activity or the students are split up into small groups. We work on math, prewriting skills, social studies, science or religion.

9-9:40: Free play

9:40-9:50: Clean up

9:50-10:10: wash hands and have snack

10:15-10:45: Gross motor- depending on weather we go outside or to the gym to run around.

10:45-11: read aloud: We discuss what a title is, what an author does and what an illustrator does as well as what is happening in each picture

11: start preparing for lunch

11:20-12: lunch and choice time: As each child finishes lunch they are allowed one of three choices.

12: clean up and if nice go outside

12:30-2:20: rest time

2:20-2:45: clean up rest time things, and closing circle time.