Welcome to Ms. Schuler’s Prek 3

What do 3 year olds learn about?

Lots of things!

We learn how to share and play with others. There is a lot of problem solving in our room. What do we do if someone has a toy we want? What can we do if we spill water onto the floor? What should we do if a friend is upset or crying?

There is a lot of letters and numbers around the room. We work on identifying our own names and identifying the letters in them. We practice counting as well as reviewing shapes and colors. We work on building up the muscles in our hands so we’re ready to practice writing.

Every morning we tell Ms. Schuler what the weather is doing outside. As time passes we discuss how weather can change with the seasons and if it’s nice enough we go outside to experience it. 

There are numerous things we learning about the world we are growing in, but it’s always an amazing day in preschool.